Thursday, 22 January 2015

Ashwood House by L.K.Jay.

This is the story of Savannah. She is coming out of prison following a life sentence for murdering her husband. She quickly gets a job in a cafe with the help of her probation officer.  Things are going well until her ex brother-in-law turns up there having tracked her down.  Because having any contact with her former husbands family is a breach of her conditions she finds another position as a caretaker of an old house in the country. Previous caretakers have not stayed around for very long and the reason for this soon becomes clear to Savannah.

I don't think that I am giving too much away by revealing that this is a ghost story. I feel though that the main focus of the book is actually Savannah's story. The book kept me very interested and kept me up late at night. Some of the things that Savannah did and some of the things that she didn't do really frustrated me at times. She really could be far too selfless. At times I really wanted to shake her. In a way though this made her a more realistic character. I would highly recommend this book but there were parts of the story that were far too predictable so I could not give it the full five stars.

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